Sunday 24 March 2013

And back

That was a very good weekend. Thirteen lovely people. And what makes them so? Thoughtfulness, liberal attitudes, good sense of humour and willingness to laugh, caring. Is caring the same as thoughtfulness? Closely related, certainly.

So what happened after I last wrote? More walks, more meals, more chatting, a visit to Uplyme Quaker meeting, and more entertaining of D-J. This was very easy, as she was content to be in the company of attentive people in a warm room, and didn't seem bothered whether she was following the conversation or not. M was especially good at stopping periodically to update her on what the conversation was about, but actually she didn't mind. I'm sure she appreciated the attempt.

Quite a lot of belongings were left, to be found and brought home by the last to leave. I left my coat, which had the new tiny camera in the pocket, so my Lyme photos will have to wait to get added.

And there are the photos. As you can see, I don't know how to rotate photos on the iPad. It's probably very obvious. Look how cold those poor pigeons are!

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