Saturday 7 February 2015

26 Books for 2015

Sorry all our 'many readers' for the long absence; lots of life stuff has been happening. But we're still here, and have set ourselves a challenge for the new year.

The challenge comes from Burns Family Blog, and you can see the original post here. Although it's already February, we're giving it a go! The idea is to read one book from each of the 26 categories - some will be easy to do and others a little more tricky... (for example, number 19: I think I read everything I was meant to in school!) But we're going to give it a try and do as many as possible. Some books will fit into multiple categories, and lots of books you'll already be reading can be slotted in. If anyone wants to join in, then email me a review of a book you've read that fits one of the categories, and you can be included in a post!

Here's the list:

1) A book you own but haven't read
2) A book that was made into a movie
3) A book you pick solely because of its cover
4) A book your fried loves
5) A book published this year
6) A book by an author you've never read before
7) A book by an author you love
8) A book at the bottom of your "to read" pile
9) A book with a colour in the title
10) A book set somewhere you've always wanted to visit
11) A book you started but never finished
12) A book with a lion. A witch. Or a wardrobe
13) A book with a female heroine
14) A book set in the summer
15) A book of poems
16) A book you learned about because of this challenge (there's a Facebook page)
17) A book that will make you smarter
18) A book with a blue cover
19) A book you were supposed to read in school but didn't
20) A book "everyone" but you has read
21) A book with a great first line
22) A book with pictures
23) A book from the library
24) A book you loved... read it again!
25) A book that is more than 10 years old
26) A book based on a true story

Happy reading - we'd really love others to join in!

E xx


  1. Oh this looks fun! Are you going to do a review/blog post for each book you read??

    1. Yes we are, but it's proving difficult as we're all reading them in a different order! Have to wait until we've read the same ones... If you do any reading that fits into a category - send me a review :)

  2. Hello - this is fun! I'll do it too. How are things other wise? x

  3. It is great fun, isn't it? Glad you'll do it too - fancy sending me any reviews that fit the categories? Things are okay otherwise - give me an email, and I'll let you know :)