Saturday 11 May 2013

Hopping away...

The tadpoles are now froglets and have been basking on the rocks, sitting on the top of the weed and climbing up the side of the tank over the last week. So, sadly I have had to start releasing them... They have been wonderful to watch and dominated my family-room life over the last couple of months. So, there have been 4 'batches' of 8 or 9 already released transported in little Tupperware boxes early in the mornings this week. I've had to find ponds without newts in! We have a tiny pond but it contains a well established ferocious family of great crested newts. They eat everything, which is why we don't have frogs! So my precious froglets have so far gone to a pond I dug at my mums house about 6 years ago which has a beautiful sheen of green pond weed, and to a huge secluded pond (a lake really) which belongs to some frog loving neighbours.
So here are some on their way..

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  1. Glad to see they're doing so well. Our Koi carp and goldfish haven't needed a lot of feeding this year...