Thursday 25 June 2015

Goodbye Kittens

A and E have been visiting a beautiful litter of kittens in the last month or so. The mother, Lacey, was found heavily pregnant as a stray. Now, kittens need socialising with at least four people within the first six weeks of their lives - so we were actually doing a good deed! (Honest!) Lacey had six kittens, but since she was so emaciated to begin with there was worry she wouldn't be able to feed such a large litter. She did marvellously: the little kits were as fat as butter! Lacey, unfortunately, lost some weight, so had to go back early from her foster home to the RSPCA. But now, she is doing very well - just waiting for someone to take her to her forever home.

All the kittens have been adopted now, and off to wonderful homes. This is great news, but it is very hard to see them go. Fallen in love, I have to say! I was able to name them, which is a great privilege - I wonder whether their new owners will keep the names? I'll never know.

So here we say goodbye to them all.

Alder, Fennel, Huckleberry, Juniper, Chicory and Cally (Calendula). Hoping for happy forever homes.

The RSPCA are a wonderful charity, and need supporting. There are so many cats that are unwanted or strays for one reason or another, and the staff work tirelessly to help them, along with a huge number of volunteers. As a punter, you don't see all the work behind the scenes! Before these kits even got to the RSPCA, they spent six weeks in a wonderful volunteer's house, gradually growing used to the world without the stress of other cats.

There are still many cats all over the country (including Lacey!) that need homes. Even if you don't want a cat yourself, there are many ways to help: donations, cat cuddling (!), foster homes, socialising, cleaning... Without the RSPCA, there would be many more distressed felines in our streets. 

Anyway, good bye to my little kits (I know they're not mine really). I will never forget you all.


  1. Aw, they are too cute!! Good for you for helping out animals in need. :)

    1. Thanks - they are so cute, aren't they? Thanks for stopping by :)