Sunday 7 June 2015

Summing Up Sunday: Week 4

Best bits: 
Journey poems in our first poetry club meeting in the  book lined sitting room
Buttercups hiding the sheep
A new add-on to The Train Game with warehouses and more competition...
T and A doing a pottery course at The Walled Garden in Wrington with Bill
Seeing the dahlias coming up

Best bananagram words: Prerequisites, Nubian, Rodent, Whinged

Top film of the week: Boyhood, gently enjoyable

Guardian Quiz Score: 7/15, pretty good with the help of T and Si J

Most exciting purchase of the week: new roofing tiles and a beautiful meditation stool

What we've been reading: Life After Life (A, still getting into it), Ancillary Justice (J, very satisfactorily surprising) and Atlas Shrugged (E, finally finished on Weds, started a few new things)

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