Sunday 21 June 2015

Summing up Sunday week 6

Best outings...
J and A's cycle ride along the strawberry line to Axbridge and the Lamb for supper on Saturday evening.
A and E's visit to see Lacey at Brent knoll RSPCA cattery, though sad she hasn't yet been re-homed.

Achievements ...
16 pieces of Raku pottery sitting on the windowsill glinting in the sunshine.
Singing in a Joyful spirit concert with A in an octet on 'I heard the voice.' 

Most exciting happening..
A badger visited in the night and dug a small hole at the side of the drive to find and eat a wasps nest. The debris, and the poor old wasps were scattered across the driveway first thing in the morning. 
Sue and David came to train game - great fun! 

Best thing in the garden...
The wonderful sweet peas and the night scented stocks. Come and see more over here!

And something we want to remember...
Sarah Raven's seed range of flower seeds for cutting -looks fantastic so we are disappointed we didn't discover them a few weeks ago, but there is always next year.

And the score in the guardian quiz was ... 4 out of 15. Did you know that Mick Jagger had six children, and yet none of them had silly names?

Happy June x

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