Saturday 24 August 2013


Every week I visit Ellie I bring flowers....  It's now heading  towards September but I still to find her a little bunch each time. I have an almost perpetual supply of coloured raffia to bind them. We have also got transporting them down to a fine art with a large plastic clear pot full of life preserving water sitting in the cup holder of the car all the way to London.

Each week 
I bring you flowers from the garden
From home.

Snowdrops and posied primroses,
Shy cyclamen from underneath the rose tree
Sweet narcissi
Paper plum blossom
The blue brilliance of forget-me-nots
Faces of acquilegia
Your wig wammed sweet peas and
Clouds of 
Mother goethes white stars.

Sprays of white tree roses
The scented gold from outside your window
Stout ever forgiving valerian and orange day lilies
Silvered sage 
And playful catnip and lavender.

And the summer plantings of 
Cosmos, antirrhinum, zinnias ,dahlias
And giant daisies and lemon balm.

Tall Japanese and omens
Rattling statice
Fennel heads from the triangled patch
Seed pods and haws and 
The ivy that cements our stones

I bring myself each week.
Home always come to you
With love.

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  1. This is beautiful. Such a colourful and sweet scented poem. xxxx