Sunday 11 August 2013

And the kittens are still growing

Moo and kosh continue to grow! The most amazing development is that Kirry is now having her face washed by Moo, and Kosh is continuing with her whole body rubs and wraps to greet Kirry and plays a batting game with her which doesn't end with Kirry rushing off in disgust! It's better than I ever could have expected as adult cats often really struggle to get on with new cats sharing their territory. Kirry has tolerated other cats in the past but LC was a struggle for her as she was jumped on unexpectedly and erratically bullied as she went in and out the cat flap. Despite being introduced to the smell of the kittens for 4 weeks before they arrived, and then their smell and sound for a week,  she was horrified when she actually saw them. So they are a beautiful trio and I feel hopeful for them living contentedly with each other.

The kittens are 12 weeks old tomorrow and have their final vaccination so we can think about them going outside in a fortnight or so. They are incredibly settled in the house - favourite places for sleeping are the warm spot on the wellies in the conservatory, the blue basket wherever it is, and on the bed between us... The cat activity centre I made them with a cardboard box isn't enticing but a red snake gifted to them from a friend at work, marbles and cotton reels and the bowls of shells and stones around the house keep them busy.

Kosh is still bigger than her brother and still has her wonderful 'chirrup.' She rushes around the house musically and purrs every time you talk to her. She spontaneously jumps on your knee and settles down these days.

Moo most enjoys batting and his favourite toy is still a tiny pretend mouse that now doesn't have a tail but still has its rattle. He also likes poking at some huge blue and silver marbles when you put them inside a box but they often end up stuck under the piano.

Ten pm is kitten banana-time and they go ballistic for an hour, and will run from one end of the house to the other, then roll about in play fighting until exhausted. I wonder how people manage to entertain a single kitten? These two certainly seem very happy with each others' company. 
They then actually sleep soundly on our bed or with Kirry under the window of our bedroom until 5.15 am. It's almost completely reliable that they start to play fight and bite our toes some time between 10 and 20 past 5 and at this point we have to shut them out of the bedroom to get a final hour or so' s sleep! 

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