Sunday 11 August 2013

And T had a birthday...

Birthdays have always been really special in our family and a chance to celebrate the person in good style! I have never completely understood the relaxed unpersonal approach to birthdays other families have. So we have had so many wonderful adventures and occasions over the years and this year, despite E not being able to join us in person we met up for a luxury picnic in a beautiful perfectly proportioned basket found in a second hand shop in bristol. it was filled with home made and bought goodies and we sat in the sun on the grounds of Wadham College Oxford, were entertained by the Merrry wives of Windsor then returned to T and Hs for a home cooked Indian and vast chocolate cake. The play was fun despite some misgivings about the modern hooded rap like interpretation of a couple of the characters, and the day good despite awful news for H on our return.

Pictures to follow!

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