Sunday 29 December 2013

A few days after Christmas

And so, this lunchtime we went up the hill behind 2,CC. 

What a lovely bright and still day it was this morning! 
I returned from a run, made orange pumpkin soup and A and I went back out and up.

A breeze had come up in the meantime, and so we looked for a place with a little shelter, some dry rock to sit on, and yet still in the bright sun.
We found it two hundred metres due south of the trig point on the top of Wavering Down, a place of some family significance for the inhabitants of 2,CC. When we first moved here eighteen years ago one of the first walks we did was up the hill. We had heard that the Mendips were famous for exciting caves, and with T being seven and E four years old, we wanted to find a suitable not too challenging cave. We found it pot holing its short way under a rock and exiting in a short cliff.
That was where A and I went back today.
We took the storm kettle

and a supply of small dry wood (it's been pretty wet and there was a moderate frost last night, so not promising for finding fire materials). I had just finished making the soup, and wrapped it in a blanket where it made for very hot carrying in a backpack.

The kettle lit immediately. boiled in less than five minutes for our tea, and then we warmed the soup back up in a saucepan balanced on the bottom of the fire kettle. 

Very satisfactory!

And as you can see, there were views all round

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