Sunday 8 March 2015

The Last Ever Mr B's Reading Year

Well, the day had to come some time - and I certainly put it off for a long time... this is the end of my reading year.

So, here was my last (11th) book:

Which turned out to be Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld.

Prep tells the story of Lee Fiora, navigating her way through high school. It's about fitting in, class, race, money, boys, crushes, fitting in, grades, families, embarrassment - essentially, it's a coming of age book. What I really liked about Curtis' novel was the characters - I particularly liked Sin Jun. But all of her characters - likeable or detestable - had one thing in common. They were all believable. I could recognise them from my own classes, the quiet ones, the loud ones. They were real.

One thing that I've noticed about the Mr B's reading year is that I have read more American novels than I usually read. It's not a particularly conscious decision, but I tend to opt for European authors. It's really opened my eyes - definitely enjoying them, although I still internally find some of the names a bit funny!

Overall, a very gentle book - good, although not stunning. Well worth reading.

And that's it! Book eleven of my reading year. Thank you so so much to Emma, my bibliotherapist, for making this such a wonderful year. There has been such a wonderful mixture of books, some I've liked more than others, but I've enjoyed being exposed to every one. It's fantastic to have my reading tastes expanded and challenged. Very sad that it's over.

But me and Emma did a reading spa last week, and now I have whole new pile of books to get through! What fun!

Here is me and Emma with my fifteen (fifteen!) new books to read:

Just a huge thank you to Emma and Mr B's for this reading year.

We will soon be posting the beginning of our 26 books for 2015; just needing to be a bit more organised between the 3 of us!

Happy Woman's Day! E xx


  1. I'm currently reading American Wife by the same author and really enjoying it, although it wasn't one of the 9 books I acquired during my Mr B's reading spa with Ed at the end of last month. I had a fab experience at Mr B's and have been busy recommending it to all my friends.

    1. Yeah, they're just fab, aren't they? Who did your Spa? They're a brilliant team, I've only been there once but loved it! I'll have to try American Wife and you could try Prep?

  2. More updates please!!!