Sunday 17 January 2016

Summing Up Sunday: 17th January 2016

These are the cool new fire cones that J's mum got for us as Christmas present that makes the flames go blue! How cool!

Quiet week. Took photos of the sheep for their pedigrees:
Shrew in the middle

Greedy Teasel!

Bit grumpy looking Cappuccino.

And the only photo at all we managed to get of Amy.

So, there've been lots of bits and bobs going in throughout the week - some good, some bad - so I will just leave you my current favourite song (I haven't even heard the original), and I hope you'll agree with me that this is beautiful. (If you don't agree, don't mention tit)

Happy Sunday everyone! Not much more to say, sorry about that. An uninspired, gloomy, horrible January week. April is not the cruelest month; I've always thought it's January. Let the next week be better.

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