Saturday, 23 March 2013

Coombe Cottages away

Lyme Regis, Queen of the coast! And I often say that the sun shines more in LR than anywhere else. This weekend that's not so. I gather that it's snowing in many other places in the UK today, while here it's just dreech: cold east wind, not quite drizzling, heavy grey sky.

And wonderful! As I looked out of the east facing window at 730 this morning, to note that the cliffs above Charmouth were wreathed in fog, it wasn't possible to tell what colour Black Venn was, and Golden Cap was invisible, a flock of gulls greeted the spring (they could tell) wheeling about the town, interweaving a dense pack of pigeons.

Our group are making full use of the town, cake and coffee shops, walking along the beach, picking up Victorian debris in the landslip, and best of all, the reliable Town Mill Bakery. This supplied our breakfast croissants, and six of us went back there for lunch. It has trestle tables, so groups mix and jostle, and the mugs are hung from planks suspended above the middle of each table. Stand and reach for a mug, and eight people along the bench all go up and down by as much as several inches. Once you're used to it it becomes more fun than alarming.

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