Friday 8 May 2015

The 2015 field festival

This time last year we celebrated our new field with an extended house party with a flow of wonderful guests, a naming ceremony and two vast bonfires to clear all the brambles and thinnings from J's tremendous efforts to clear the boundary for fencing. 'Maidens' piece' is now very much part of our daily lives with our routine of sheep-care, the mollytunnel shelter and the wonderful pastime of watching the weather sweep across against the colours of the sky beyond.

So, despite the difficulties of the year and not knowing how we would cope with people in the house we decided to go ahead and celebrate again.

So on the first May bank holiday weekend we had a houseful of people and a trickle of guests to remember the field.

Highlights were the big Scillies craft tent full of Dutch people making lanterns;

the mulberry tree strung with wool and cloth pom-poms made over the preceding week by all the support workers coming in to be with E; another amazing bonfire, lit by E with Hugh and J's gigantic match; the return of the field festival flags and bunting; T H and E's literary quiz which had us searching the bookshelves and corners of the garden for clues; Sam on the swing and curled up watching CBeebies on Marco's  iPad; the glorious burning of the moon ('goodbye moon'); train gaming with M and B and cake with Kate Richard Sue David Caroline and Peter. 
A wonderfully nourishing weekend for which we are extremely grateful...

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