Sunday 10 May 2015

Summing up Sunday: Week 1

We have been reading:

'The City and the City.' Hard work but promises intrigue from the first and begins to be readable enough to gain pace by halfway through
A: 'Americanah' for book group - just started!
E: various things - 'Butterflies in November' (review to come), 'Alphabet Weekends' (passable), 'Anne of Avonlea' (disappointing actually) and 'The Selection' (review to come - you'll see!)

We have been going:

E: to WSM and playing the 2 penny falls on the pier! ... not an experience I would like to repeat!
A&J: into Wells for a Birthday visit to 'The Good Earth' and to see a friend's new house before coming back to 2CC for the afternoon - too sunny to go the cinema as planned!

We have been gardening:
Sunflower posts! Love-in-a-mist planting out! Teasels! Weeding! Blue Lake climbing French beans! Oregon peas! Bolt Hardy beetroot! Planning for runner beans and squashes/pumpkins. Preparing soil and waiting for seedlings to grow.

We have been doing:
J: shearing sheep! 
E: playing Scrabble with J's mum.
A: work-work-working... and plenty of gardening!

Happy Sunday x

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