Wednesday 3 May 2017

Bout of Books 19

Wow! Is this really the first post of 2017? I believe it is! Well, this little blog never really had much of a life anyway, and it's just slowing wasting away... never mind!

I've decided to take part in 'Bout of Books' this time round. It's something I've thought about before, but never really got round to it/committed to it. I'm still not entirely sure about how it works, but there you go!

It's a week where you push yourself to read a little more than you usually do, and share it with other bloggers and Network it as much as you can! There's no competition between readers, everyone works at their own pace. It's just for fun. (Slightly wondering why I'm doing this, as I read every week anyway, but I think it'll be fun to link up with other people as well.)

There's a schedule for the week, which I don't quite understand, but here it is (it starts on 8th May) -

MONDAY - Introduce yourself insixwords
TUESDAY - Not a Font (??)
WEDNESDAY - Share your selfie
THURSDAY - Character dating profile (?)
FRIDAY - Rainbow book spine
SATURDAY - Seasons of Books

I suppose I will find out in due course what some of these means.

People tend to set their own goals, and my key one is to READ MY GALLEY COPIES. I keep getting galleys from NetGalley and then I get distracted and read something else instead. So this means reading AND reviewing them, which means I'll get slightly less reading time, but it's something I desperately need to catch up on. So, there we are! See what happens!

Slight problem is I'll be away Friday-Saturday-Sunday, so I suppose I'll do scheduled posts for those, and then a round-up post when I get back (I think that's how it works!).

Wish me luck, to anyone who might stumble across this!

Oh, and thank you to the hosts for arranging this, it should be fun. (I think...)

UPDATED TO ADD: things have gone a little awry with a few much busier days than I expected so I'm still left with my last book to finish before reading all the Galleys... and it's War and Peace. I'm about 1000 pages in, but I still think it'll take me 2 days to read that, as you really need to concentrate! So, I'll get less of my galleys read but still up for the challenge!

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