Saturday 20 April 2013


The tadpoles have done a growth spurt this week and are now even more definitely frogs-in-waiting. They have big bulbous abdomens and tiny eyes, and close up are beautifully stippled in brown and green. Next step are legs! None to be seen yet but I guess they will be soon. As I understand it that's when they move from their vegetarian stage to being omnivores with a penchant for meat. As we are a vegetarian household I'm going to stock up on fish food well as a much bigger tank with stones for them to crawl out on to.

The garden has also been transformed this week with the rise in temperature. All the primroses have flowered at once in a mass of yellow and mauve, there is bird song in the mornings, the flowering currant is covered in amazingly pink blossom and the grass needs cutting!

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