Sunday, 7 April 2013

Playing Catch-up: Scenes from Easter Sunday

 (The camera cable somehow lost itself, so here is playing catch-up from last weekend. We didn't find the cable, but E bought a new one from Amazon - only £4.95, so it didn't seem too bad!)

Beautiful forsythia coming out on our Easter morning walk. 

Blue skies over the Orchard.

Planting seeds in the conservatory - too cold outside! - giant sunflowers and also 'Little Leo' sunflowers.

The Easter bunny came - gold decorated dark chocolate egg, dark Lindt bunny and a lovely sheep paperweight for the non chocolate fiends.

Chicken candles! (technically from Christmas, but they're very Easter-ish)

More seed planting - orlaya, candytuft and larkspur - new ones on us, so let's wait and see...

The traditional Saturday Guardian Quiz - not quite our worst score, but pretty poor!

Afternoon outing to the RSPCA to see...

CATS! (Coombe Cottages may be getting a pair of kittens, so watch this space!)

A very low scoring scrabble game... fun all the same.

And just to remind us that Spring is a-springing!

Happy belated Easter everyone!

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