Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sewing Adventures: A Tote Bag

Do you all remember my sewing machine? Here she is:

She has now been christened Tilly, short for Mathilda. (I'm not sure why this is her name, it just worked out that way!) So, the other part of my rather wonderful Christmas present this year was a course at Beckenham Crafty Bees on learning to use your machine, and to make a tote bag in an afternoon! I actually made the blanket for baby A before the course, so I already knew the ropes, but the pattern for the tote bag was very satisfying and we also learnt about proper seam allowances and clever things like that.

We started with the lining and the moved onto the outer layer. It has a pocket and everything! It was a really well run session - a good balance of assistance and doing things yourself, and we got to keep the pattern at the end so I can recreate as many bags as I like. The most exciting part was turning it inside out. Want to see?


(Sorry for the poor photos.) It's taken me a long time to write this one up, but I had to wait until after Little M's birthday as this was her present. So now Tilly's little creation is many miles away as Little M is in Czech-land. Very exciting!

Stay tuned for more adventures with Tilly and lots more books!

I can't give out the pattern here, as it belongs to Beckenham Crafty bees but here is their website - they offer lots of different sewing and other arty courses.



  1. It's the best bag I brought with me that's for sure, and it's being well used! Thanks again xxxx

  2. Yay, pics are up!

  3. Just glad that you like it :) It's nice thinking of you in Czech-land with it xx