Sunday 11 October 2015

Summing up Sunday 11th October 2015

Main event of the week: The Lottie Project (see earlier post) which raised £145! (yay!)

CB: E has finished sewing in ends!

A and E went to the North Somerset Butterfly House, amazingly warm and very beautiful butterflies. One landed and travelled on E for most of the way around.

A finished and sent an amazingly odd sewing stand for k s birthday - devilishly hard to make as I couldn't get my head around the 3d nature of the whole thing and right up to the very last minute I wasn't sure it would actually work.

A went out to Hugh F-W's Canteen in Bristol for a surprise birthday lunch for d, a very old friend indeed. It's interesting how friendships last phases of life and our lives do seem to have quietly woven in and around each other's careers,families and book-reading.

J cut wood until the chainsaw gave out,

J and E are currently watching a very amusing Noel Coward farce "Relative Values".

There was an incredible sunset this evening, one would have thought it an improbable backdrop if seen in a film.

Bananagrams of the week: squally, extant, fatwa, cleat, dally, agony.

Terrible Guardian Quiz - can't even remember!

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