Friday 9 October 2015

The Lottie Project

I know 'The Lottie Project' is a (very good) book by Jacqueline Wilson, but this was something different. Some of our friend's own an allotment that allows people with mental health problems to access growing and the outdoors. Recently, they've got planning permission to have a polytunnel - hurray!

So, to buy the polytunnel they need to raise a bit of money - what better way than a garden sale? In true lucky-British fashion, the weather was be-a-utiful yesterday, which was such a relief (there wasn't really a contingency plan for rain...) And it was a great turnout, despite our worries.

Look how many people came
The allotment was bedecked in finery with beautiful bunting.

And all the things for sale... Wow! So many generous people. One very generous person (who isn't even involved in the organisation) donated a huge amount of cakes. Thank you so much! We were all very, very touched by the magnanimous gift. She must've been baking all day!

Coffee and walnut cake. There were also FOUR lemon drizzle cakes, and a huge batch each of almond and cherry, and chocolate sour cream muffins! Wow! Thank you so much.
MJ (whose sale it was) planted out some wonderful wellies! It's cat grass in the Hello Kitty Boots.

She also made the lovely herb garden markers. Other things on the table: A and E's seed packets (saved from the garden), MJ's tea light holders, A's lovely willow bird feeders, and some stones painted by people from 4 in 1, a mental health charity.

Our painted charm stones...

Pickles and relishes...

Pickled eggs, beetroot and onion relish, and marmalade.

Teasels transplanted from the garden...

And my lovely (if I do say so myself) bee and ladybird noughts and crosses boards. Four of them all sold! The stones were collected from Clevedon beech, painted in acrylics, varnished, wood chain-sawed by Joe, then varnished, and then the willow grid marked out.

And here's a glimpse of MJ with her stall.

Really successful sale, and fingers crossed enough has been raised! Watch this space.

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