Sunday, 4 October 2015

Summing up Sunday 5th October

What we've been up to: 
First ever pub quiz for the Blaxter Tristrams - 66/100 for J and E's team, and 71/100 for A on a rather odd rival team... Think we came about 8th or 9th. Not our finest hour, but we knew some odd ones - for some bizarre reason E knows the real first name of Tyger Woods! 

First and last visit to Chew Valley Sailing club. Sadly not enough wind to do anything at all. There has been mention of an extra session next week to make up for the disappointment, so watch this space...

Last of the courgettes picked, garden going over. Apples dropping like crazy. Still rudbeckia and sunflowers going strong.

First week of term for A, first lecture to the new first years. Busy times.

First (of hopefully two!) celebrations for Hugo round the corner. Small boys, pizza, cake and sparklers. Lots of laughs.

Last week of the garden blog without Orchard S, as she has returned from her European travels. Two beautiful little needle felted presents of a sweet bunny rabbit and some acorns.

Last vaccine for little Popoki... After spaying, she'll be allowed out into the wide world. Scary stuff! The cats are all beginning to get along a bit better though, long may it continue.

Last (almost!) ends sewn in of a wooly something being completed (it will be done, it will be done!)...

First visit to local Yeo Valley Farm - beautiful sunshine and beautiful prairie style planting in the garden bit. When enough Yeokens have been collected, a trip to their canteen will be in order!

First prize for the lowest score in the Guardian Quiz - a spectacular one, with the only correct answer by J about the safety lamp being invented Humphrey Davie. 

First go at getting Glastonbury tickets for J - no luck at all, didn't even manage to get onto the site. Still, there's the resales later...

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