Sunday 23 June 2013

Kittens to cats...

Ginny, the stray ginger mum, and her four kittens have been doing amazingly well in her foster home with A and C . They have decided to give Ginny a  long term home, which is wonderful, and all the kittens have been claimed by prospective owners! They have been such a joy to watch.  They are emerging from the doddery uncoordinated phase to pouncing and climbing, and are now greeting with tails up and today we heard the first chirrup of excitement. We are still set to welcome two into our home and  we have been busily trying to get Kirry, our existing cat ready for this. As cats communicate through scent we have been 'scent swapping'. Blankets and rugs of Kirry's have come back to the house having spent a few days in the kittens nest. Initially Kirry wouldn't go near these, even when in her favourite spot on the bottom of our bed, but now she is less worried and will eat from her food bowl even when on a kitten smelling blanket!
No real names as yet but C has been calling the little ginger male Rupert and the dark tortieshell female Rosie.

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