Monday 1 July 2013

Home .....

And here they are at home! Two new little cats for Coombe cottages. The only unhappy party at the moment is Kirry who is very suspicious of the chirrup noises, pattering of feet and smell of foreigners emanating from the family room. She will come around I'm sure and we are swapping scent, and associating it with food but we will just have to wait although I know she will ultimately cope OK. After all they can't be as bad as a wild Bengal.
The kittens have experimental names at the moment but I'm waiting for the human family to gravitate homeward before making final decisions. They seem to have settled immediately - the dark tortieshell is a very positive about people already and sticks her tail up and rubs in greeting, the little ginger is less positive but is trying to groom me and loves play. I have time off work to get to know them and to help Kirry cope. :) 

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  1. zoomgldfvhbdffsdudchsjl- That is how cute they are!!!!!!
    Can't wait to meet them. xxx