Thursday 24 April 2014

And the final flutters - Easter Monday and beyond...

Monday was bright and sunny despite the rains of the evening before.
It heralded a lot more departures : J to see E in London, Hopkinshaws on to the road to avoid holiday traffic by 9 and finally T and H after lunch. However we did mange to pack a little more in...
Hurdle and trough moving from the old sheep field. - 3 years ago I borrowed both space and Suffolk sheep from two sets of friends and put them together to have sheep from Easter to October half term for a few years. In this process I acquired some equipment - hurdles and feeders.  These have kindly sat in what is now Barton orchard anticipating the moment when life might change for us and sheep return. They are heavy and awkward so having help to move them was great and took us an hour rather than all day by myself.

We then set up Crook Peak for egg rolling and a picnic of Italian Easter bread in the shape of a sugared dove, a wonderful selection of cheeses, olives and tomatoes. The storm kettle did its bit too and we had tea on the very steep slopes of the south side of the Mendips. As ever the slope's steepness did for the eggs and we lost much of them in the smashingly stony trip down the hillside! 

Some clearing up and octonauts watching finished the day...

Departure day for Little S, L and MB back to Cornhill terrace and genomics and nursery... However we fitted in a visit to see some Nubian goat kids and texel lambs and play in court farm park nearby.

And the final flag flutters of the weekend...
We managed to collect an enormous amount of lost property: three egg moulds, a pair of black shoes, a single large walking sock, a roll of glittery wrapping paper, a car key, a little French recipe book, a blue and maroon striped scarf, a computer charger, toothpaste... Much of this has an obvious home and has been posted or delivered back but if any if this is yours do get in touch. 

And Maidens' Piece is well and truly named - more to follow about the name! 

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