Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter Saturday at The first Coombe cottage field festival

A busy day:
As well as being our fields naming weekend it was also Belinda's birthday...
The morning was heralded by michael's special buns, present opening, and then cake with lots of candles to be blown all ably assisted by Sam... We did try and score the cakes appearance/texture/flavour but there were so many and they came so thick and fast that in the end this ginger cake was the only one we managed to officially evaluate! After a lot of scientific discussion about likeart scales and the like we did manage to agree on a 5 point scale and this cake managed a sound 4 point something...

Debbie and Jay arrived early afternoon with Ryan and Arran to make chocolate eggs. Debbie was amazing bringing all the equipment with her and the eggs got finally decorated on Sunday and made into fantastic monster faces.
Ryan and Arran were great at swinging and were also very well versed in tadpole management ... 

Swings in the garden and the start of the botanical and insect surveys with mark and Michael  went on through the afternoon. The tadpoles also suddenly developed legs so needed to be upgraded to the next size of tank with stones to crawl out on to - much excitement and a lot of water right in the middle of afternoon tea but all got safely transferred.

Early evening heralded a magnificent birthday and Easter feast from M and B with a wonderful bowl of Winterhead cherries and creamy yoghurt from Karin. More arrivals in the shape of Tam who dillligently organised the treasure hunts for Sunday and Joe arrived safely home from France with his merry men.

Then came the gathering of even more people as the sun set...

Frank and Elizabeth arrived bearing a wonderful field cake with a pigmy goat, a texel and Suffolk lambs. As Frank planted the existing boundary hedge with the field 17 years ago most of the prickly clippings were definitely his responsibility.
 And then many neighbours - Bob and Maureen the owners of the other big third, Anne and Peter through the hole in the hedge between our gardens, sue and Richard from around the corner, and  Sandra and Jim with Adam from the Lynch and Sally/Suma land.
And a huge bonfire with more tea and cake to thank all for their contributions to an amazing
achievement .

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