Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The beginning of the first Coombe Cottages Field Festival

One of the nicest thing about the weekend is that it seemed like a series of parties. No sooner had one group of people left than another arrived. So we had the chance to see absolutely everybody and spend a little time with them. It felt very special indeed to have so many people visit who'd been associated with the house over the 18 years we have lived here. And we now DO have a field and it DOES have a name - so keep following the blogs! 

And here is the invitation we sent out just to remind you all. I love playing about with bits of paper and colour so this was a great, if rather protracted project..

The Maundy Thursday beginnings:
Despite horrific traffic all the way from Croydon on the M25 and M4 A finally made it home to meet up with Little S, L and MB who had squeezey jetted from Edinburgh. Little S met Moo and Kosh' who were very surprised at meeting someone so small and squeaky, and re-met all the soft toys in E's room, and the evening set fair over an un-named field!  

Good Friday activities:
Hot cross buns for breakfast! 
Then off to the willow dome to cut long withies for flag poles via ice creams and chocolate bunnies in the village. It really was hugely sunny and despite the willow being sparce the entertainment of pooh sticks and dandelions on the bridge and the ghost trains on the Railway walk was great fun.. 

L and Little S then helped with the flag making - we used a mixture of old balloon fabric, Indian pink sparkly dressing-up  trousers and recycled a cream bridesmaids dress - all cut up into flags to sew on to the ash poles and withies.


Whilst MB single handedly built the first of the big bonfires with a clever heart of chairs stuffed with kindling and paper. We always knew he was a true arsonist.... 


And the first ex-woodcraft ink batik and tie dyed flags to welcome folk up the drive... The Hopkinshaws from  Berkshire and London via Lyme were the first up under the garlands bearing cake, eggs and botanical guide books ! 


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