Friday, 4 April 2014

Making a Pencil Case and GIVEAWAY results!

I have loooots of coloured pencils. Want to see?

And normal ones too. 

To keep all these pencils, I need a BIG pencil case, really big. Normal pencil cases only fit about half or so. What's the solution? Make one of course!

I was inspired by the new Prima Makes magazine to do a completely random multicoloured patchwork,  so I gathered together all my scraps from previous projects, as well as buying myself a mini charm pack from Moda fabrics.

Cutting out all the pieces was fairly fiddly, and it really showed me what an inexact person I am! I started with some really beautiful gold fabric (from the same scarf that J used for his iPad case) but it somehow didn't look right. I rearranged the squares over and over again, but it still didn't appeal. Eventually, J suggested I took out the gold squares, and somehow the colours worked! A shame, as the gold was beautiful, but it just didn't go in this project.

Really random colours, no? I stitched them in their rows and then the rows together - it was at this point that I realised none of the seams matched up with each other... My inexact attitude catching up on me. 

Then it was time to quilt it to some wadding with fabric on one side that J bought for me. I did a diagonal cross through each individual square and I was pretty pleased with the result.

Tilly in action!

Here came the hardest part - inserting a zip. I've never done it before and rather unwisely chose to make up my own method, rather than looking at a tutorial. It turned out...okay, but there's a lot of room for improvement. 

Finished item?

TA-DA! It has grown on me and I'm noticing the mismatched seams less and less, to the point where I feel a bit guilty keeping it - I should be giving it as a present! But I'm doing something a little different and am planning to keep this creation.

So... Results of the giveaway? Well, all our three entrants had equal chances, and we rolled a die...

Congratulations Hannah! You'll be receiving your bookmark soon! And thank you to all three people who entered :)

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