Friday, 6 May 2016

BARN Building Day 2, May 6th

Day 2 dawns on a magnificent BARN. (Without a roof or anything, but still.) It's definitely upgraded from a shed. A was skiving off to Bath today to meet friends, but we had Architect J at arriving at lunch time to inspect the goings on. He seemed okay with it, although some things weren't quite to plan... (It's, er, quite a bit taller than was intended)

But it actually looks like a BARN. It has structure and everything. Little M and Artichect J put up the first roof truss, which really makes it look... barn-some. (I know no terminology at all - you'll have to look elsewhere for knowledge).
Putting up the first truss
... and up...

And it's up!

Definitely looks barn-y!

The sheep still wanted to get in on the action.

Playing with the shingles...

... and on the wood...

and asking for milk. Again.

Here's another tea break. They're very necessary for builders. It's at least one cake and about three tea pots/cafeterias per break. The purpose of non-builders is purely to cater for builders. Sexism abound! (Although little M is bucking the trend - go little M!)

And E having a brief moment of glory on the roof - good for reading and posing until they needed the palette for real 'builder-y' things.

Nancy was very hungry, as per usual.

The sheep decided it was very hard work watching the shed being built: relaxing necessary.

From my untrained eye, building appears to involve a lot of pointing.

Lots of things going on, growing and looking more building like...


That's a serious mallet. I think the mallet was called Jamie.

I thought their screws were quite pretty. That's probably
not allowed in builder-speak.

A mark on one of the pieces of wood was found that looked vaguely like a monkey, and this was dubbed the 'third monkey.' This is because when you have two people working on a job, and you suddenly need a third you call for a monkey. And then it was decided it was a flying monkey. I think everyone were monkeys at some point.

I believe this is the flying monkey, although I'm
not sure. There may have been a flying and non-flying monkey.
Feel free to correct me, builders!

They worked from dawn...

...till dusk.

And look at it now!! All structure-full. Stay tuned for tomorrow, day 3.

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